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RM Intercyl Unvented Twin Coil

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  • 25 year guarantee
  • 3 Bar working pressure
  • Full unvented installation kit
  • Duplex stainless steel vessel
  • Immersion heater factory fitted
  • Space saving and faster installation
  • 545mm WIDE


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RM Intercyl Unvented Twin Coil Cylinder

The RM InterCyl Twin Coil unit has been developed to give homeowners with gas boilers the opportunity to capitalise on Solar Thermal technologies. In the age of growing fuel bills, the InterCyl Twin Coil presents a real option to help save homeowners money and reduce their carbon footprint thus safeguarding the future of the planet. Built to RMs usual exacting standards the Twin Coil is a perfect complement to your gas boiler.

RM InterCyl hot water cylinders have been constructed using high-quality components. A manufacturer guarantee of 25-year guarantee on the vessel and 2 years on parts, will give you a well-deserved peace of mind.

Full Range RM Cylinder Intercyl Brochure


  • Butt welding for long life
  • Internal Floating baffle protecting the air gap
  • 22mm compression fittings throughout
  • 1mm Superior duplex stainless steel
  • 50mm insulation
  • New flat base for increased stability
  • 3kW Incoloy Immersion fitted as standard
  • Clearly labelled unit connections
  • 25-year guarantee


Technical Specification


SKU Direct Cylinder Height Weight Empty Weight Full Cold Capacity STANDING HEAT LOSS ERP Rating Heat Exchange Dedicated Solar Vol
(mm) (Kg) (Kg) (LITRES) (WATTS) (KW) (Litres)
IH-RM076 Twin Coil 180 1324 42 203 161 55 B 13.80 / 12.91 51
IH-RM077 Twin Coil 210 1511 48 232 184 58 B 15.34 / 13.68 60
IH-RM078 Twin Coil 250 1762 53 279 226 60 B 17.41 / 14.78 80
IH-RM079 Twin Coil 300 1986 63 317 254 75 C 19.15 / 16.73 90

Tapping Heights


SKU IH-RM076 IH-RM077 IH-RM078 IH-RM079
Connection Name Connection Size 180IT 210IT 250IT 300IT
Cold Feed Connection 22mm Comp. 190mm 190mm 190mm 190mm
Lower Coil Connection 22mm Comp. 298mm 338mm 373mm 373mm
Lower Thermostat Pocket 2 x 6.5mm 353mm 393mm 428mm 428mm
Upper Coil Connection 22mm Comp. 633mm 688mm 862mm 893mm
Upper Immersion Heater 1 3/4 Female 683mm 738mm 912mm 943mm
Upper Thermostat Pocket 2 x 6.5mm 703mm 738mm 932mm 963mm
Secondary Return 22mm Comp. N/A 882mm 1060mm 1223mm
High Limit Pocket 2 x 6.5mm 848mm 982mm 1160mm 1160mm
T&P Relief Valve 1/2 Female 848mm 982mm 1160mm 1323mm



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180 Litre, 210 Litre, 250 Litre, 300 Litre


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