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RM Aquastel Vented Indirect Duplex Stainless Steel

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  • 10 year guarantee against manufacture
  • One Grade, Up to Grade 2 Equivalent
  • 22mm Compression Connections
  • Price Less Vulnerable To Material Fluctuations
  • All Welded Stainless Construction


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RM Aquastel 375 Vented Indirect Duplex Stainless Steel Cylinder


The RM Aquastel cylinder manufactured from Duplex Stainless Steel has many unique advantages over the conventional copper cylinder. Aquastel blends perfectly technological advances in manufacturing with standard layouts of traditional copper cylinders creating a perfect alternative for anyone looking to replace their domestic hot water storage cylinder.

RM Aquastel cylinders have been constructed using high-quality components. A manufacturer 10-year guarantee will give you a well-deserved peace of mind.



  • All units come complete with 22mm compression nuts & olive for ease of fitting
  • Units with capacities of 120L or greater are supplied with second immersion heater
  • Special Incoloy immersion heater available (not supplied as standard) with Stainless Steel stat pocket (supplied loose or fitted)
  • Capacity equivalent to a standard copper cylinder replacement
  • Tapping heights similar to British Standard 1566 so ideal for replacements. Any pipe rework would be minimal
  • Complies with Part L of Building Regulations
  • Insulation to Part L1B
  • 300, 350, 375, 400, 450, & 500 diameters available
  • Secondary return fitted as standard.




Original Copper Cylinder Specification New Aquastel Cylinder Specification
Capacity Height Diameter _ Capacity Height Width
96 Litres 900 mm 400 mm _ 96 Litres 795 mm 400 mm
114 Litres 1050 mm 400 mm _ 114 Litres 935 mm 400 mm
117 Litres 900 mm 450 mm _ 117 Litres 815 mm 450 mm
140 Litres 1050 mm 450 mm _ 140 Litres 940 mm 450 mm
162 Litres 1200 mm 450 mm _ 162 Litres 1065 mm 450 mm
206 Litres 1500 mm 450 mm _ 206 Litres 1370 mm 450 mm


*All dimensions excluding foam insulation


Corrosion Advice

Even when using stainless steel vessels, corrosion can still be an issue. This can occur when units are connected to a private supply, wells or where the water has a high concentration of Chlorine (CI), in excess of 200PPM. It is the responsibility of the installer to establish the water and supply type before installations take place. In cases where the water is found to be outside these parameters additional protection against corrosion will be required, to combat this issue RM can supply a Stainless steel vessel with a built-in electrical anode, this must be specified at the time of order as a unit cannot be upgraded. Failure to follow these guidelines will invalidate the product guarantee when the unit has failed due to corrosion.

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