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Reina MAIA Electric Vertical Designer Radiator

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  • LCD
  • 7 days and 24 hours programmable
  • Frost/ECO/Comfort
  • Open window detection
  • KSD Overheating protection
  • Temperature compensation
  • LST option: 40 °C/45 °C/50 °C/55 °C
  • Heat plus option: 70 °C/75 °C/80°C
  • Child lock
  • WIFI /Google Home/Alexa Voice Control
  • Class I
  • IPX0
  • 2 Year Guarantee
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Reina MAIA Electric Vertical Designer Radiator

The Reina MAIA Electric Vertical Designer Radiator is a sophisticated and feature-rich heating solution that combines contemporary design with advanced functionality. Elevate your space with this innovative radiator that offers customizable heating options and smart technology integration.

Key Features:

  1. LCD Display: The radiator is equipped with an easy-to-read LCD, providing clear visibility and control over its various features and settings.
  2. 7 Days and 24 Hours Programmable: Tailor your heating schedule to fit your lifestyle with the flexibility of a 7-day and 24-hour programmable timer. Set different temperatures for various times of the day to ensure optimal comfort.
  3. Frost/ECO/Comfort Modes: Choose from Frost, ECO, and Comfort modes to match your heating needs and energy-saving preferences in different scenarios.
  4. Open Window Detection: The radiator features open window detection, automatically adjusting its operation when an open window is detected to conserve energy and maintain efficiency.
  5. KSD Overheating Protection: Benefit from an added layer of safety with KSD overheating protection, ensuring the radiator operates within safe temperature limits.
  6. Temperature Compensation: Enjoy consistent comfort with temperature compensation, which adjusts the heating output based on the ambient temperature.
  7. LST Option (Low Surface Temperature): Customize the radiator’s surface temperature with LST options, including 40 °C, 45 °C, 50 °C, and 55 °C, providing safety and preventing overheating.
  8. Heat Plus Option: Choose between Heat Plus options of 70 °C, 75 °C, and 80 °C for additional warmth when needed.
  9. Child Lock: Ensure the safety of your little ones by activating the child lock feature, preventing unintended changes to the radiator settings.
  10. WIFI/Google Home/Alexa Voice Control: Seamlessly integrate the radiator into your smart home ecosystem. Control and adjust settings using voice commands via Google Home or Alexa, or manage it remotely through WiFi connectivity.
  11. Class I: The radiator complies with Class I electrical safety standards, ensuring high safety during operation.
  12. IPX0: While IPX0 suggests the radiator does not have a specific ingress protection rating against water, it is crucial to ensure it is installed in dry environments.

Upgrade your space with the Reina MAIA Electric Vertical Designer Radiator, where style meets advanced heating technology for a customizable and efficient home heating experience.


Full Range Specifications


SKU Colour Height mm Length mm Tube Quantity Fuel C/E/D ∆T50 Output Watts
DE-MAA100VW White 1600 362 4 E 1000
DE-MAA150VW White 1600 453 5 E 1500
DE-MAA200VW White 1600 544 6 E 2000

*Wall Distance mm: 85




Additional information

Dimensions N/A



362mm, 453mm, 544mm





Panel Type


Fuel Source









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