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MirrorStone Thermostats Plugin wireless Thermostat

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  • Wi-Fi remote control
  • Adjusting the temperature
  • Weekly programming
  • Power off timer
  • Group control
  • Sharing with multiple users
  • Compatible with the Smart Life mobile app

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MirrorStone Thermostats Plugin wireless Thermostat


Control your panels and bar heaters straight from the palm of your hand with a Wi-Fi Plug In Thermostat.

This 112mm x 52mm x 78mm device is a plain, clean white colour and fits into 3-pin plug socket. Confusing wiring and the need for a professional fitter are abolished with this simple, plug-and-play product.

Weighing a light 165g, you can easily conceal this plug so it does not take up room and look like an awkward, normal thermostat mounted randomly on your wall. Powered by a maximum load of 16A, this thermostat is perfect for any environment.


Technical Notes


1. When setting up the thermostat and connecting to the internet, a blue LED light will glow. If it does not, you will need to wait a few seconds to allow the plug to search for a network and connect.

2. There will be a red LED indicator light shining to show you that it is connected to Wi-Fi. If this light does not show, it indicates the thermostat is offline. Press the button by the light to turn your heater on/off manually.

3. To turn the heater on, the temperature you set must be at least 0.5°C higher than the current room temperature.

4. Do not cover the plug or install it where there will be any heat as the built-in temperature sensor is located at the top of the thermostat.



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